About Us


The Indian New Car Assessment Program, more commonly referred to as BNCAP, is India’s independent voice on vehicle safety.

We crash test cars and conduct performance assessments on safety features and technologies then publish a simple star rating to indicate relative safety performance.

“The new safety regime under BHARAT NCAP and AIS-197 is a mutual win-win for manufacturers and consumers” – Twitter

Hon. Minister. Nitin Gadkari, Road Transport & Highways, GOI

Our mission at Bharat NCAP is to promote advance road safety across the new vehicle models across the nation by establishing and promoting rigorous vehicle safety standards beyond mandatory regulations Through comprehensive testing and evaluation, we aim to raise safety awareness, reduce road accidents and save lives.

We envision a future where every consumer of new car model in India can take buying decisions with confidence, and very well knowing that the new BNCAP rated car model adheres to the higher safety standards over the prevalent regulatory requirements.

To educate and safeguard the interests of an Indian consumer is paramount.

Our vision is to contribute significantly to the reduction of road fatalities and serious injuries, in the survivable crashes by promoting voluntary BNCAP rating.

Vehicle Safety Standards

Our Goals

Elevating Safety Standards

Our primary goal is to set and uphold stringent safety standards for vehicles. We strive to encourage manufacturers to prioritize safety features and enhance the overall safety performance of vehicles available in the market voluntarily beyond regulatory requirements by fostering healthy competition amongst the OEM.

Cultivating Industry Commitment

We aim to engage with the automotive industry to promote a collective commitment to safety. By collaborating with manufacturers, we encourage the integration of advanced safety technologies into vehicles.

Empowering Informed Choices

We aim to empower consumers with information about vehicle safety. By providing transparent safety ratings and data, we enable individuals to make well-informed decisions when purchasing cars.

Fostering Safety Culture

We work to foster a culture of road safety through educational campaigns and public awareness initiatives. Our goal is to encourage responsible road behaviour and emphasize the importance of adhering to safety guidelines.

Advocating Policy Enhancement

Our goal is to collaborate with governmental bodies and stakeholders to advocate for policies that prioritize road safety. We work to ensure that safety considerations are an integral part of transportation regulations.

Measuring Impact

Our objective is to continuously assess the impact of our efforts. We seek to measure improvements in vehicle safety, reductions in road accidents, and increased awareness as tangible outcomes of our initiatives.

Driving Technological Advancements

We are committed to driving innovation in vehicle safety technology. By fostering research and development, we seek to accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge safety features across the new car models.

A Path to Excellence

Our Journey

This initiative marks a significant milestone in enhancing vehicle safety and testing protocols in India, aiming to create safer roads for everyone.

  1. June 2022

    Draft Notification & Draft AIS-197 published [GSR 472 (E)] dated 24 Jun 2022 published by MoRTH.

    Stakeholder’s consultation for finalising the Draft AIS-197.

  2. June 2023

    Draft GSR 464 (E) regarding Bharat New Car Assessment Program (BNCAP) dated 28 June 2023, Draft Procedure for Regulating Bharat New Car Assessment Programme & Draft AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY STANDARD (AIS) 197 regarding vehicle selection, testing protocols, rating criteria etc. under BNCAP. Published by MoRTH for comments & suggestions.

    Stakeholder’s consultation for finalising the Draft AIS-197 & institutional readiness for the program.

  3. Aug 2023

    Launch of Bharat NCAP (BNCAP) at Hotel Taj Mahal, Delhi.

  4. Sept 2023

    Inauguration of the Control Centre of Bharat NCAP (BNCAP) at CIRT, Pune.

  5. 1st October 2023

    Open to OEMs.